Buying a New Row House? Follow the Checklist

Buying a New Row HouseHome is a place of respite and retreat. Home is as much an emotion as it is the four walls wherein you live. And because of this very reason, the process of picking a new place to live is an exciting yet nerve wrecking experience. Whether you’re young and just starting off in life, being independent, living with your friends or you are a family man and looking for a cosy nest for your children to grow, a new home is a big decision. If you’re not checking for the smallest of flaws and making sure you’re getting the perfect place at the perfect price, you’re doing it wrong.

Confused? Here are some pro tips that you might need while looking for a new row house:

1)    Location:

Location is the first thing you should look for. If your home is just a short distance away from all the facilities and important places in the city like your workplace, the children’s school, a park, the convenience stores, the health centres and the gyms, you have very little to worry about in the future. Good residential neighbourhoods are hard to come by, but when an opportunity knocks, you open the door. Good neighborhoods meant for residencies are safe and have an overall hospitable environment. NL Builders ensure that the homes built are safe and accessible.

2)    Space:

The next most important thing in a row house hunt is the space. This doesn’t mean that you buy an extravagantly large house that is too big for the number of people living in it. The trick is to strike the right balance. Imagine yourself living in that place for the following ten years. If even a single part of it makes you feel claustrophobic, that place might not be for you. Love to spend time in the garage, tending to your car? Look for a home with a garage that serves the purpose. Love to barbecue on weekends and have a beer with your best buds? Look for a backyard with a brick barbecue.  Make sure that the original architecture of the house is so good that you have to make minimal changes in the construction, which brings us to the next tip.

3)    Modification:

Row houses are a unique housing concept that was invented in the recent past but has found its place in the modern Indian society as a home of variable levels of luxury. The homes built by well known builders such as NL Builders are great at modifications. The biggest plus point of buying a row house is that there’s a lot of room for modification. Want a nice patio out front? Go ahead! Want a mini- golf set in the backyard? You got it! Want to merge the two bedrooms on the top floor? Of course, you can! The row house is a personalised living experience combined with the community living experience.

4)    Cost:

Cost is one of the most important things you need to factor into the purchase of a new house. Followed by the location and the size of the house, you should zero in on your ideal price. Do not set a fixed limit and be reasonable. If your ideal home demands a little more money out of your pocket than you originally thought, wait it out. Wait till you have enough and then go for it. Home loans are the next best thing. You should be well informed about all the home loan types and policies that various banks offer. This is the most crucial part in the process of buying a house. You need to keep a track of the market and how likely you are to get a good deal on your loan. Choose which type of loan you are most comfortable with.

5)    What puts you off?

Deciding what your deal breakers are is good. Only you can know what you would like and what you want. Check for little things, like a good view from your gallery; a north facing bedroom so that you can enjoy a sunrise; a home in an environment-friendly area, where the air is fresh, the sky is clear and there is cleanliness. The grass doesn’t always have to be greener on the other side! Check for pests and other infestations. Check for rabid dogs, diseases in the neighbourhood. Do not go for a smaller bathroom just because you’re getting a beautiful wind vane. Focus on the essentials.

6)    Invest in a good security system:

The safety of your loved ones and your own self is indispensable. It is good to know that you can rest assured that that safety is not compromised. A good and independent security system can be bought for a row house. Due to technological advancement, the system occupies minimal space and is obscured from sight, but is more efficient than a vigilant night guard. CCTV cameras can be installed in areas that are prone to an intrusion.

7)    Seek help:

Do not go off on your own on this venture. Help from experienced people and good advice from a trustworthy financial advisor is a must. Learn from the experiences of your friends and family. Get to know about all the mistakes and the good decisions made by them. Get in touch with a good interior designer. Take their advice on whether the house has the potential to be augmented in terms of its beauty and comfort. Deals that may seem impossible to turn down, in the beginning, may be surpassed by far better ones. Be patient and avoid any impulsive decisions.

In conclusion, it can be summarized that buying a new home is a very elaborate process. Resourcefulness, foresight and patience are the key virtues that you need to hold while going on a real estate hunt. Row houses can prove to be a far more beautiful and comfortable home compared to most apartments and condominiums. Seek help, learn from others’ experiences and invest some time into the decision-making process before buying a new home.

Happy hunting!

6 Basic Things to Consider while Buying a Property for the First Time

6 Basic Things to Consider while Buying a Property for the First TimeBuying your first property can be one of the most important and complex financial decisions of your life. There is a lot of paper work, location scouting, meeting the right people and several such factors to look into. This can put you in the state of predicament and you might end up taking a wrong step. So here are some of the tips that might help you come up with a better solution:

The Basics

Whether you consider buying a property for living or renting out, it is very necessary to look for the basic amenities available in that locality. Look for the nearest grocery store, hospital, school (even if you don’t have kids at the moment!), and other places which can be useful in daily life.

Proximity versus Connectivity

While buying a property, it is always advisable to look for a place which might be a little farther than your workplace but is a lot cheaper has a required connectivity. And even if you opt to live near your workplace, you can always rent a good place there and put your house for rent.

Keep it low

It is essential to be realistic when it comes to finances. Not only do you need to look into your budget, but also consider the fact that once you buy a property, you need to have enough savings to work on its little repairing work, putting the furniture, pay taxes and other things. So find a property which actually is a bit cheaper than the budget you initially had in your mind and plan your budget considering the aforementioned expenses.

Do a Survey in the Neighborhood

Your realtor is there to make a sales pitch. He/she would and could never tell about all the experiences of living in that particular locality. It is always a good option to ask the people in the neighborhood, whether there are any hassles of living in that area. They have nothing to lose so it is quite unlikely that they will misinform you. Choosing a good builder like NL builders is vital.

Inspect the Place like Sherlock

While visiting the property, look into every nook and corner, the roof, the kitchen the toilet seat, just everything you can lay your eyes on. This is especially necessary if you loved this place at first sight. If you find any glitches, you can negotiate the price on your terms or at least ask the seller to get it repaired.

Think a Decade Ahead

When purchasing a residential property, one should always consider the future of that locality. The place might not be too developed so as to say at the moment, but it should have some great future plans. So look for a place which has a chance of being developed in the next decade in such a way that the value of your place increments accordingly. For instance, the locality near which there is a probability of a multi lane road being constructed in the future might be a really promising one.

When you finally come to a point where you are ready to buy a property, do your research properly. Look for every option that can reduce your costs. Getting your documents ready for loans beforehand is one of the most important steps. Always choose the trusted builders such as NPL builders.

4 Reasons Why Renting Your Property Could Be A Good Idea

NL BuildersSell a property or rent it? There has always been a tiff between the two. While selling your house, you can earn a lot by it. On the other hand, to rent a house is a responsible task to do. You become the landlord and also have to look after the new member of the house. Its a little bit of tough yet manageable. It is still seen that many people prefer to sell their house so that they can relocate to other place but what’s the point in that when you can easily rent it out with earning money from it!!

In case you don’t require a sum urgently it best to rent your property instead of selling it off.

Let me tell you the 4 reasons why leasing your property could be a good idea. Stop thinking about selling your property instead, rent it out. Have a look,

1 Rent properties are more in demand

Rent properties are now more in demand especially amongst the students and working class. Often even the families prefer to stay in a rented property until they buy one for themselves.

2 – More tax benefits

If you are the landlord, you are entitled to several tax benefits. While renting a house, there are some tax benefits given to the owner. It will help you to know the law & for which you should definitely be in touch with your tax advisor.

3 – You don’t have to worry if something broke in the house

Now as you have rented the house to somebody, it isn’t your responsibility anymore to look after it. A person living in the house is the one responsible for any type of mess he creates in the house. But, do make sure that you include this in the agreement beforehand.

4- You can invest the amount in other plans

After renting your house, many options are open for you to invest it. You can either start your own business or invest more in other plans like buying new home, retirement plans, new schemes etc. you get your own benefits of renting your property.

A renter can enjoy as much savings as he can. Selling your house is not a good option. Rent your property as it will provide you many benefits along with you being debt free. Understand your responsibilities, you can easily save your money by renting out your property and enjoy the rest of your life.


8 Reasons why buying a house is better than staying in a rented one

NL-Complex-NL BuildersThere has been an endless debate on the topic as to which option is better; renting a house or buying one. No matter which one you opt for, you have to pay the price for the same. Still, buying a house is believed to be better in many cases. Here are some of the reasons which justify this statement:

Investment versus expenditure

When you rent a house, the money goes straight to the owner and you are just paying for your monthly stay in his/her house. Contrary to that, when you buy your own house, the money you spend every month paying mortgage, taxes and other expenses required, you are actually indulged in a long term investment which ultimately results in making you the owner of a valuable asset.

Evident progress every month

Paying your mortgage every month increases the percentage of equity you own. Moreover, you can also apply for a loan against this equity if ever any emergency arises.

Increment in net worth

Having your own house not only ensures that at least you will not be homeless, it also increases your net worth which is ultimately better than working towards a higher income since it provides more financial independence.

Your house, your rules

Buying a house for the first time is a very emotional step. There is no doubt that the level of comfort and freedom your home gives you, can never be achieved in a rented house. You can install a modular kitchen of your choice and pretty much do anything thing to make your house a better place to live in. These things also increase the value of your house. None of these options are available in a rented house.

Focus on the bigger picture

Today it might seem that renting is cheaper than paying a mortgage. But ten years down the line, your rent might increase up to one and a half times than what it is right now. However, if you buy a house with a fixed rate mortgage, your monthly payment remains the same throughout the tenure of the loan.

Tax Benefits

It is true that owning a house means having to pay property tax. But it also has some benefits in taxes when seen from a different vantage point. Erik Brynjolfsson, director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, explains that when you live in your own house, you need not pay taxes on the house rent because it is paid to yourself.

Look into the Future

Suppose you are in your thirties right now and you decide to buy a house. And it roughly would take two decades for you to completely own that house. So when you are in your fifties and probably planning to retire, you have a home not only for yourself but also for the future generations to come.

You become a responsible citizen

When you own a house, you tend to create a better environment around it since you are here to stay for a very long period of time. This makes you aware of what is happening in your locality so that you can make your contributions to make it better. This rarely happens when a person lives in a rented house.

Purchasing a residential property is a huge commitment and includes a lot of hidden expenses. This means having to deal with a lot of things you might not have experienced before. Hence, your decisions must be made considering your savings.



Things to remember if you are a landlord

NL Builders -Want to rent your property? Are you aware of things which you should remember while renting your property? It’s not always easy as it seems to be. Renting your property needs to be under the supervision and if you are the landlord you should be aware of certain things. Many people do rent their property and later face many problems either by the tenant or several other issues. As a landlord, it is vital for you to know each and every detail related to the tenant and property.

Have a look at some tips which a new landlord should always remember and follow before renting their property,

  • Signed agreement

Always remember to get an agreement signed by the tenant. Agreements make your property authentic. After you choose your tenant, the first thing you should do is make an agreement and get it signed by them. Every landlord should include all important details in it to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

  • Don’t forget to advertise your property

Don’t forget to advertise your property either on newspaper or the internet. This is the only way through which you can attract a lot of genuine buyers and they can contact you directly without any brokers in between. Real estate sites are also popular these days, where you can easily advertise your property and make it visible to all.

  • Check your tenant’s activities

Keep an eye on your tenant as well on their activities. It’s often seen that owners rent their property and that becomes a big issue later. Check your tenant’s behaviour. This doesn’t mean that you should become a detective altogether. But, it is best to stay alert.

  • Make sure that the rent is paid on time

Make it clear in the beginning only that the tenant has to pay the rent on time. Clear the rent amount, the time till which it is paid, the other bills included etc.

  • Always be in touch of your property

Keep a look at your property. Once in a week or month, as suitable but, do keep taking rounds to know the conditions of it. Be close your property and keep an eye on it.

  • Protect your property by ensuring it

Are you a new landlord and still not insured your property? The first and the foremost thing is to make it ensure in a known insurance company. Your home insurance is the safety key to your property. Tenants are always in search for those properties which are insured and where they can feel protected.

  • Your rules and regulations are musts

Keeping terms and conditions for your tenant is a must for your safety as well as theirs. Tenants would keep themselves bound to rules and regulations, the owner being tension free. Rules and regulations are must to be kept by a new landlord.

Don’t forget to do the police verifications background check of your tenant. Go through the documents provided and don’t hesitate in asking questions if any.

Why investing in real estate is good?

NL Builders - NL ComplexHave you ever looked at your bank account and conceit your pride of earning so much money? Have you ever pondered that money can actually lose value? Let us give you the vision to start with. Consider yourself 15 years erstwhile. You used to buy stuff half the price you buy them at present. Now consider yourself 15 years from now. You will buy same stuff double the price you buy them today. Worried now?

What do you do to increase the amount of money you hold? Is there any safe and effortless way to amplify the amount of money you have?

The answer is yes, there is. Instead of piling your money in lockers, you simply need to invest in real estates. Why real estate and not something else?

Investing in real estate is less risky – As compared to investing in other areas. You might have heard people investing in stocks and being barren. Stocks are such investing markets that either help you sail or cause you to drown. While real estates, on the other hand, are reliable and become a life jacket to your sinking ship. It is less venturesome as the profits are less and so is the loss. You can see the loss knocking your door and to your surprise, the loss is not that hazardous.

Easier to understand – Real estate is easier to understand in comparison to other investing sectors. Take stocks as an example, there you need to work really hard since you need to have complete knowledge and you must keep track of everything.آ  Despite having the knowledge you must be clever enough to know which company you want to invest. Also, they are very uncertain. Sometimes even prediction becomes tuff and may lead you to deplore your decision. While real estate is nothing related to past records and you can be very sure of your decision once you have researched about the property.

It is not much time consuming – As you don’t need to sit whole day and bother about the property every time. For instance, let us consider you have been investing in stocks. It can consume most of your schedule as you might have to trace everything. But if you invest in real estate you just have to give some of your time initially. While buying or investing in a property you must consider all the facts about the property and see through it, if it has any chances of loss in the future.

It can be a continuous source of income – As you can get some amount of money every month. You have invested your money and time only once for this one property and you have been pocketed every month. If you have invested in authenticated property and have analyzed every small factor that may sway the properties’ value then it can serve extremely well. So, investing in real estate can be tricky but if you get to set your hands well you can actually generate a good amount of money through it. The only cost is careful analysis and proper investment at the first time.آ آ

If things go wrong then it can easily be handled – No matter how much safe it is to invest in any real estate. There are always chances of something going wrong and you end up in some sink hole. However, if things go wrong in such cases you can verily be less harmed.

No continuous investment is needed – You can call investing in real estate as one-time investments as you have to invest only once in the property and you get the profits every month. Whereas there are other investing sectors which need perpetual attention as you need to keep on investing in order to load your pocket.آ آ

It is a source of income even after retirement as you can actually lay your torso towards it. The best time to invest in real estate is after you enter your late thirty’s. Not only retirements but it can hold you upright when you have lost your job. It provides you radiance when everything has become dark and all your doors seem to be closed.


Buying a Home? Here is how You should check the Credibility of the Builder

check the Credibility of the BuilderBuying a new home involves its own kind of risk, isn’t it? While you cross check the land and financial resources how many of you also go through the credibility of the builders? In the absence of the regulatory body for real estate you need to equip yourself in order to gauge the credibility

In case you are unaware of the ways to check the credibility of the builders – here is how you need to get it right.

  1. Check for layout plan – Checking out a layout plan is important. Once you check it out make sure that it is further authorized by the authorized bodies. Construction buildings that do not have an approval from Municipal Corporation of India wouldn’t be given an approval to occupancy. Therefore, one must determine the credibility of the builder. Similarly, when it comes to real estate builders each plan is carefully analyzed and approved.
  2. Comparisons with competitors – Comparisons with the competitors shall provide a clear idea. List down some of the competitors of the builders and compare the builder’s project based on various parameters. It is one of the efficient ways of developing an understanding about the builder.
  3. Word of mouth – There is always some amount of exaggeration in advertisements, however, word of mouth never lies. Talk to people about the builder. Get in touch with the friends and relatives who might be aware of the builder or stay in the same vicinity. Try to gauge the information from your near dear ones and analyze it carefully. If you read about builders you would realize that the word of mouth generated is always positive.
  4. Research it well – Apart from talking to your near and dear ones go through the reviews available on the internet. If you browse thoroughly, you would be able to figure out that there are a number of sites who provide reliable reviews. Get through them.
  5. The quality of the project – One of the good ways of evaluating the current project quality is by evaluating the previous ones. Go through the projects the builder has done so far and try analyzing it. This would further help you in understanding the quality of the material used, interior and exterior work and so on. Builders ensure that the quality of the project is above the expected standards and they believe in providing nothing less than the best.
  6. Delivery schedule – Determining the delivery schedule of the project is crucial. You wouldn’t desire to invest in the property whose delivery schedule is way ahead. Hence, it is vital that you better ask and document the delivery schedule of the project.
  7. Vacancy rate – Vacancy rate also talks a lot about the quality of the project. In the case when the quality of the project is good then the vacancy rate shall be lower. Similarly, when the quality is worse or perhaps not up to the mark then the vacancy rate would be higher. This shall work as one of the few parameters in deciding whether to invest in the property or not.

This is how you can eventually gauge about the builder and check how credible he/she or his project is. Before investing in any property it is best to cross check such credibility and think before acting.

9 Questions You Should Ask Your Builder before Buying a New Home

Ask Your Builder before Buying a New HomeGetting a new home is overwhelming. Not only does that mean you have to spend a lump amount of time into the constructions, looking into the legal matter and keeping a check on your builder, but it also involves you to spend less time on your present day chores. Remaining emotionally and mentally stable during this rough phase will require some amount of assurance from your builder.

Asking the standard questions should keep things on the correct path. Some of those topics to be covered are:

  1. Standard finishes: The most important thing is to know what exactly your builder is supplying you with. Some houses are totally furnished with bed and linens, some of them are left just after the construction of structure.
  2. Future plans for the community: Not just your home but the future of the community as a whole should be asked about. This way you will get to know which demands are being fulfilled.
  3. Rules and regulations: Each community has different rules and regulations. Ask your builder what they are, regarding your new house. They have to match with your advantages.
  4. Are there warranties?: These days, there are warranties that are applicable for the new houses. Maybe the wiring, or the parking lot advantages, warranties are an important source for gaining information about the place.
  5. Previewing other real estates and talking with past clients: It’s good to have a talk with your builder’s previous clients. That might give you estimation about the products they use, their stealth, the warranties and how much money is actually being invested for the better use.
  6. Blueprint: The blueprint of the house should be thoroughly understood. Ask for a blueprint to be taken home.
  7. Settling as the primary contact: You have to know exactly the person who has to be the primary man for contacting about any affairs related to your new house. He should hold all the intelligence to convey them to you.
  8. Online construction viewing: Nowadays with the advancement of the technological word, high end builders are putting their blueprints up online. Asking for the official site for the particular construction and viewing the progress online should be asked.
  9. Pricing: Last but not the least, the commonest thing you might forget to ask is about the actual pricing. After all the decorations and furnishing, security deposits and legal affairs are done away with, the sum total should be asked. If not the exact amount, an approximated value that won’t shift much should be delivered.

These questions might avoid you from getting a tough time which will lie ahead. Looking after each nook and corner requires a heap of concentration and dedication for the new place.

7 Common Mistakes You Commit While Giving a Flat on Rent

7 Common Mistakes You Commit While Giving a Flat on RentThere are various things and pointers to keep in mind when you are setting up an agreement. Being a landlord is not easy; you not only have to take care of your own house but also the one you are renting. You own that too. There must be specific rules and regulations that are to be laid down before signing off in affirmative for the agreement.

The following topics should be kept in mind when you are renting your property. This not only eases your mind but also keeps the business transactions go smooth:

  1. Know the duration for their stay: The most important thing that has to be mentioned while putting the flat up for a rent to the tenant is the duration of their stay and the duration till which you can put the place on rent.
  2. Clause of Termination: The clause of termination specifies to you the method which will make your tenant bound to leave the property in accordance to you wish. This clause also upholds the fact that this agreement is two sided, so the tenant too can leave when he wishes, but a notice has to be supplied from the side that is breaking the agreement. A term of one or three months has to be given in each case.
  3. Clause of lock-in: The clause of lock in mentions the fact that the tenant is not allowed to leave the flat which he has taken on rent before the term that has been specified. If he does so, then he needs to pay the rented amount that has to be delivered for the lock in period, as mentioned in the rent clause.
  4. Clause of money deposit as security: The clause of security money should be mentioned to your tenant while committing your house for rent. This clause mentions the amount to be paid and the amount that can be refunded at the end of the course of stay. The rules when the money will be deducted from the input also have to be mentioned.
  5. Clause of rent payment: The clause of rent payment specifies the method in which the payment has to be made, in terms of cash, online crediting or cheques. The total amount to be paid each month, with the extras should be mentioned too.
  6. Clause of dispute management: The clause of dispute management writes down specific laws to follow if in future there is a disagreement between the tenant and landlord (you). It has to be mentioned that such acts will take place legally, if there is a problem.
  7. Clause of tenant nuisance: The clause of tenant nuisance prohibits the usage of the flat for illegal purposes such as drug usage, mentions the factors that forbids creating excessive noise, disturbances to others around them etc. There has to be specific rules and regulations written down as to what will happen if such things occur.

7 ways in which Buying a New House could be the Greatest Investment

7 ways in which Buying a New House could be the Greatest InvestmentGetting a new house for yourself or your family may get a little overwhelming. Not only does it mean investing a bulging amount of wealth into it, but also the emotional turmoil of keeping you head straight throughout the purchasing or building process. But nonetheless, this is one of the best investments that can be made in terms of financial assets. A house is not only an asset in the form of money, but also privacy and a deletion of a certain amount of taxes.

Some of the tags that will make you realize about the real estate being a good-on savings for your capital are as follows:

  1. Increase in price of building area: With the increase in the growing population of the stagnant world, the demand on the limited area of land is hiking at an alarming rate. Thus, buying a house now will of course be cheaper than getting one next year and a year after.
  2. Setting side a house for rentals: Having a new house and giving that on rent to a family or more can obviously be a source of income for you.
  3. Can serve as a commodity for selling at a higher price: Less cost price, more selling price. Thus, profit in a high amount. Selling the house at a later stage will of course flourish you with a good amount of profit. The gross value uplifts the cost price in a few years.
  4. Lets you have FHA loans: This type of loan is a type of mortgage that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration. The ones who avail this FHA loan has to pay for the mortgage insurance, which has the capacity to protect the lender from suffering a loss if the borrower fails to pay on the loan.
  5. Having a curb appeal that is not matched by other financial assets: The capital investment may be high at the basal time, but with years, they strike up ahead. The control in the value to be invested in any other assets other than the real estate is larger.
  6. The real estate zone is safer: Investing money in real estate deals is safer than others. This is because the stock market regarding these fluctuates rarely in the downside, and there is a high chance of moving the chips in the higher direction.
  7. Setting aside a property for future generations: Letting your kids take over your property is another aspect that parents always look for. Therefore when you know that you have kept a house aside for them, it will surely give you some peace of mind.

Thus, investing a lump some of money at first may strike you to be an unhealthy investment. But these points surely will make you think about setting a new house as an asset. Thus, go ahead. As I mentioned before, it is a lifetime venture for a better future.