Social Responsibilities

The NL Group has always believed in giving back to society. Mr. Nahalchand Laloochand instituted this culture in the group by laying the foundation of the first hospital in Patan, North Gujarat, in 1919. Today, it is the District General Hospital with a capacity to accommodate more than 600 patients. Over the years, this hospital has been a boon not only for the people of Patan and North Gujarat but also the entire Southern Rajasthan.

Mr. Poonamchand Laloochand, brother of Mr. Nahalchand Laloochand donated his entire wealth consisting of a princely sum of more than Rs. 25 Lacs in the year 1924 for constructing the entire water works of the town of Patan. Even today on the basis of the condition of donation laid down by Mr. Poonamchand Laloochand, there is no water tax on the citizens of Patan. The grateful citizens of Patan have installed the statue of Mr. Poonamchand Laloochand in the town square in gratitude towards his benevolent act.

Following his father’s footsteps Mr. Kantilal Nahalchand was also a contributor to society. In the year 1939 in memory of his late father he donated a plot of land measuring two and a half acres on the main S.V. Road in Malad for the construction of a school. The entire school building was also constructed by donations from Mr. Kantilal Nahalchand. Today the school has over 2,000 students and is attached to a Science and Commerce College educating more than 3,000 students. NL School in Malad is a prominent landmark of that suburb.

The NL family continues to perform its duties of social responsibilities with the same enthusiasm.

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